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Making difficult-to-recycle plastic waste circular

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A Plastic Crisis

The world is in the midst of a serious plastic crisis. Every year more fossil fuels are used to make more virgin plastic, which means more plastic waste ends up in the environment. Just recycling is definitely not the solution.

The plastic crisis can only be solved when much less plastic is produced and the use of single-use plastic is little. The subsidizing of the fossil fuel and plastic industry should also be stopped. We need to move quickly to a circular economy in which we re-use and recycle our waste into new materials, products and applications. In 2019 approximately 9.2% of the world's economy was circular. In 2020 this was only 8.6%. The circularity gap is increasing, so we can't wait to take action, we have to start transforming now.

Upp! supports regions and cities to transform their difficult to recycle mixed plastic and textile waste streams into robust and recyclable new products. The technology Upp! is using is easy to scale, replicate, and is applicable worldwide. We can make a difference and need to start saving these plastic waste streams from incineration, landfill, and our oceans now. Saving CO2 and helping regions and cities to transform from a take-make-dispose economy into a circular economy.

Together we make our world clean, green, and circular

Upp! We Re-Plastic

About us

About us

Upp! helps to save plastic waste from incineration, landfilling, and the environment.

Upp! started in 2017 and is developing projects in the Netherlands/Europe, in Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries in South and Southeast Asia.

In The Netherlands Upp! has set up a R&D center for processing unsorted, unwashed, and unshredded mixed plastic and textile waste, which is operational since Q1 2023. 

In Surabaya, Indonesia, the first pilot Upp! Circular Plastic Factory will be set up and operational in Q1 2024.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Upp! develops projects to help cities and regions to process difficult to recycle mixed plastic waste streams into robust and recyclable products for local use

Upp! aims to set up regional circular ecosystems for plastic waste, bringing together local and regional stakeholders and partners.

Regions should take responsibility for the waste they produce and aim for zero waste. Commercial sound and integrated regional solutions are key to a circular and waste-free future.


Core Values - CIRCLE

C - Circular

I - Inclusiveness & Diversity

R - Regional Responsibility

C - Continuous Innovation

L - Long-lasting Collaboration

E - Ecosystem Development


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The Netherlands

UPP! Surabaya Factory
UPP! Surabaya Factory


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21 September 2022 by Hai Ngo


We are happy to share with all of you – our beloved network and followers that UPP! has been chosen by the jury to be one of the three finalists for the NHN BUSINESS AWARDS 2022 (North Holland region) under Thema Award: Energietransitie.

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Wat is de toekomst van verpakken?Europe, The Netherlands

26 April 2022 by Hai Ngo

Wat is de toekomst van verpakken?

Wanneer het gaat over plastic recycling hebben we nog een lange weg te gaan. In deze aflevering zoomen we in op de huidige verpakkingsindustrie. Waarom zijn zoveel verpakkingen slecht te recyclen en waarom wordt dit anno 2022 nog steeds zo op de markt gebracht? Dit zou in de toekomst anders moeten, toch? We gaan in gesprek met Jan Jaap van Upp! UpCycling Plastics.


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Upp! at The Big Score 2022: Sustainability and ManufacturingBelgium, Europe, The Netherlands

11 April 2022 by Hai Ngo

Upp! at The Big Score 2022: Sustainability and Manufacturing

by Alvara • Apr 06, 2022 in Corporate Accelerator Programme, Events, Startups

The Sustainability and Manufacturing Big Score sessions took place at the Workero by P&G InQbet campus in partnership with Ab InBev on the 31st of March 2022. The event was organised by |

This article is written by Alvara, Workero.

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Our Team

Upp! has an excellent team both in Vietnam and in the Netherlands. And watch this space: we are going to grow...

Jan Jaap Folmer

Jan Jaap Folmer

Chief Upp! and Founder

Hai Ngo

Hai Ngo

Project & Business Development Manager


The recognition of Upp!'s commitment to a Green, Clean and Circular planet.

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