The Un-Waste Company

UPPACT creates regional circular ecosystems with closed loops for plastic and textile waste streams.

An Australian-Dutch Joint-Venture processing difficult-to-recycle plastic ánd textile waste streams into robust and recyclable products and applications in The Netherlands and NW Europe.

Core to the test and demo factory will be the “Green Machine”, the Plastech Mixer/Melter installation, capable of processing unshredded, unsorted, and unwashed mixed plastic and textile waste into robust and recyclable new products. This innovative breakthrough technology will change the recycling industry.


  • Client: UPPACT
  • Partners: Bek & Verburg (shipping waste), Sympact Solutions (sustainable solution for textile waste), Plastech Recycling (technology provider), Upp!
  • Tasks:
    • Process difficult-to-recycle waste streams into recyclable products
    • Strengthen and develop regional circular ecosystems for plastic and textile waste
    • Accelerate the transition to a circular “zero-waste” economy
  • First phase: Set up a test and demo factory in the Eemshaven, Groningen in the Netherlands (operational Q1 2023)
  • Second phase: Develop 2 or more regional factories to process regionally sourced difficult to recycle plastic and textile waste streams into recyclable products for the regional market