Posted on 5 January 2022 in Asia, Singapore

The Netherlands Virtual Circular Economy Study Visit 2021

As a partner of ReCirc Singapore, Upp! was giving pitches and workshops on Circular Plastic during “The Netherlands Virtual Circular Economy Study Visit 2021”, together with 11 other technology partners and knowledge institutions active in the Circular Economy in The Netherlands.

Through this event, you will get the chance to see what is happening in The Netherlands within the circular economy sector, through a showcase of both the circular economy policies and the practical applications and principles.
Upp at ReCir

The current situation of plastic recycling in The Netherlands

Singapore is doing its best, together with The Netherlands, to embrace the Circular Economy in every sector. And to do this, we must form together an eco-system.

During the Plastic sessions of Upp!, there were interesting interactions with the audience on the following topics:

  • The nightmare of takeaway food packaging and hospital plastic waste during the Corona pandemic.
  • The pros & cons of pyrolysis and chemical recycling techniques.
  • As well as the role of regulators in promoting recycling programs and stopping the use of single-use plastics.ocesses pre-loved textiles, carpet tiles, fishing nets, multilayer packaging, and even sneakers or cigarette butts.
  • A great partnership between Upp!, Sympact Solutions, Plastech, and marine waste specialists – Bek & Verburg.

Watch our workshop here