Upp! closes the plastic waste loop locally. This means we organise our projects locally as well. And our projects all are aiming to close the loop, the supply chain, and for this we need a variety of local partners involved. In this section we present the projects we are working on. Some are at the very early beginning, others are ready to go…

Circular Plastic Factory Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is becoming a major tourist destination in Vietnam. in 2018 2 million visitors come to this tropical paradise. In 2020 it is expected this number will at least double… if… the beaches lined with plastic waste and all the scattered dumpsites and landfills in the island will not deter the tourists from coming.

Together with our partner TTC Group Upp! will close the plastic loop on Phu Quoc. Together we are building our first Circular Plastic Factory on Phu Quoc. Manufacturing, Innovating, Experiencing Circular Plastic on Phu Quoc. Making Phu Quoc Plastic Waste Free.Using plastic waste from the beaches of Phu Quoc to make construction materials used in the construction of hotels & resorts on Phu Quoc. 500Ton in 2019 and scaling up to 3000T in 2020.

Closing the Loop at EcoPark Hanoi

Together with the Minh Khai plastic craft village Upp! wants to organise the recycling and up cycling of plastic waste from the Ecopark Hanoi, a green residential area near Hanoi, capital city in the North of Vietnam. Products made are for public areas, infrastructure and construction of the extension of Eco park Hanoi. In this project we proudly work together with Green Hub Vietnam, CECR, Vihajico and other partners.

Ho Chi Minh City

Upp! is looking at setting up a pilot/test facility in Ho Chi Minh City to process plastic waste from the Zero-Waste-To-Nature project of Citenco & Unilever as well as from the Thao Dien neighborhood project of ReThink Plastic Vietnam.

Modular Circular Plastic Factory

Upp! closes the loop on plastic waste locally and in a circular way. We use plastic waste from industrial parks and make durable and recyclable products for those industrial parks. For public areas, infrastructure and for the industrial buildings.

Currently Upp! is working with Techport (IJmond region) and Bilfinger-Tebodin to design a modular Circular Plastic Factory set up for the Techport/Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) region.

Also in the Netherlands Upp! works with the Polymer Science Park and other parties in the Zwolle area together to set up a Circular Plastic Factory to handle plastic mix (‘lower quality’ plastic waste) and manufacture durable and recyclable products for regional use. This plastic mix nowadays mostly ends up being incinerated, in landfills or oceans.

Recycled Park Can Tho

In Can Tho, capital of the Mekong Delta, Upp! will built a Recycled Park from plastic waste ‘catched’ from the Mekong River together with and as a copy from Recycled Park in Rotterdam. Besides we are looking into other products made from river plastic to be applied specifically in and for the Mekong Delta.
In Can Tho we are working together with HZ and VHL Universities of Applied Sciences of the Netherlands and CTU (Can Tho University) and AGU (An Giang University) from Vietnam as well as with Can Tho Resilient Office (100 Resilient Cities) and the Center of Water Management and Climate Change (WACC).

Vinacolour & Upp! test facility Hanoi

Vinacolour Co., Ltd., Upp!’s technology partner in Hanoi, has started up production of building materials from recycled plastic waste in the beginning of 2019. We are now making roof-tiles, (pavement) tiles, building blocks (like Lego) and soon deck-planks are to follow.We can now also start up production for our projects in the North of Vietnam directly at Vinacolour. Together with Vinacolour we will also build the manufacturing facilities for our Phu Quoc Circular Plastic Factory and the projects in Vietnam.

In Hanoi we are also building our first house from recycled plastic waste using the tiles, building blocks and roof-tiles. Other applications will follow.

Do you want to be Plastic-Waste-Free too?