About us

Upp! is a social enterprise aiming to save plastic waste from incineration, landfilling and nature. We started in 2017 and now have activities in Vietnam, the Netherlands and Singapore. Upp! closes the plastic waste loop locally and in a circular way.

Upp! is social and impact driven. Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audicious Goal) is to save over 250 thousand ton of plastic waste from incineration, landfills and oceans in over 5 countries and with more than 10 plastic-waste-free cities. Ambitious? Certainly! Necessary? Very, very much! And possible? Sure. Together we can do it.


Collaboration, teamwork, transparancy and excellent communication are very important to us. Out-of-the-box thinking is allowed. Be different. Only with disruption and doing things differently we will be able to make the transition to a circular economy happen. We love diversity. And we have to work hard to to reach the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


Do you want to be Plastic-Waste-Free too?

The Upp! team

Hai Ngo

Hai Ngo has joined the Upp! team as project manager in 2019. Hai studied Sustainable Tourisme at the University of Applied Sciences of Stenden in leeuwarden, the Netherlands. Being Vietnamese, Hai is very involved in the Vietnamese and SE Asia projects of Upp! and likes to work on marketing & comms as well. And speaking fluent Vietnamese, Hai is a valuable addition to the team.

Jan Jaap Folmer

Chief Upp! Jan Jaap Folmer is the founder and owner of Upp!. An excellent networker and teamplayer with a lot of energy and drive. Has an extensive experience in the plastic recycling industry and knows it should be done differently. Better. Local, together and circular are the keywords. The future is circular and we can only be circular if we work together in full transparancy. Solutions for global issues need to be solved locally. The one who makes the mess should also clean it up. Sustainably. Upp! We RE-Plastic.

Marije Kock

Marije Kock joined Upp! mid 2018 and is our key Circular Impact Maker in Vietnam. Marije fits Upp! very well with an extensive experience in industrial design and project management. Marije maintains an extensive network of contacts with NGO’s, governments and companies in Vietnam. And boosting the projects and partnerships with local stakeholders. Also in Vietnam we have to change the world. Cleaner, greener and circular. Marije makes it happen.

Rob Lefeber

Rob Lefeber is an expert in plastic recycling and the circular economy. Has set up relations between governments, companies and Upp! to create our first Circular Plastic Production and Innovation Center. Advises organizations on how to make their plastic circular. Locally, together and in a circular way. Rob works as a circular expert and consultant for Upp!

Do you want to be Plastic-Waste-Free too?