Our approach

Be Plastic-Waste-Free

Our approach

A plastic waste free en and circular world

Closing the loop locally.

Upp! considers the entire value chain. We look at collection and recycling activities. To minimize transport of waste and feedstock we keep everything in the region. To maximise the use of plastic waste as feedstock for production. We do not stop at the recycling stage. We also ensure products and applications are designed, developed and manufactured to fit the local need. The one supplying the plastic waste should also ensure suitable products made from plastic waste are being used and applied locally.

Circular Approach.

The products we make are designed for circular use so should be re-usable or recyclable. Modular, easy to assemble and disassemble when needed. Durable so re-usable at end-of-use and 100% recyclable so truly circular if needed. Products as a service business models to be developed. Lease or deposit schemes to be applied. And everything together with the customer.

A lean startup approach.

We work closely with our customers. Cities, companies, organisations. Our customers have a problem with too much plastic waste to be incinerated, landfilled or ending up in the oceans. Our customers want to have zero-waste-to-nature, -landfill or -incineration. They want to recover maximum value from their plastic waste. Be a frontrunner in the transition towards a circular plastic economy. Are not afraid to experiment with new products, applications, business models and approaches. Because it makes sense. For society, for business, for our planet, for you.


We want to share our knowledge and inspire people, companies and governments to really become circular in thinking, behaving and acting. We have to change our behaviour, our ways of working and our way of living. This is not easy. Upp! can help you as well to contribute to a clean, green and circular world. Upp! We RE-Plastic.

Upp! Circular Plastic Factory

Upp! closes the circle locally with the Upp! Circular Plastic Factory concept. Here we manufacture the durable and 100% recyclable products needed locally. And we want to offer opportunities for creation, design, innovation and experiment. To create and develop great new products or applications for local use. Or to test new production technologies such as vacuum-forming or 3D-printing.
We also want to show what we are doing and what is done and can be done with your plastic waste. So we always want to have a visitor and/or education center at our Circular Plastic Factories. To give an experience, to give an example and to create awareness.

Awareness and Involvement

In a circular economy it’s all about collaboration and transparancy. We want to bring people together to show what is done with tehir plastic waste and what can be done. Awareness should be raised and people and businesses should be involved in closing their plastic waste loop. And we want to inspire people elsewhere to take action too, to become plastic-waste-free!

Scaling Upp!

In most cases we want to start small. If we can literally close the loop and make it work, it’s relatively straightforward to scale-up. And easy with our modular and semi-mobile manufacturing units. We can increase machine-capacity and process more volume, add different production technologies, expand the product portfolio and applications/markets.

We like to work together with local companies, local government and local communities. We also like to collaborate or make use of existing local recycling or plastic manufacturing facilities. A circular economy will only work if we all work together.