Tourism & Leisure

Leisure and tourism are booming sectors in Vietnam. Also eco-tourism and responsible tourism are on the rise. Terrace areas, boardwalks, jetties, pool-areas made from recycled plastic waste are as sustainable and eco-friendly as it gets. Your customers will like the natural and robust look and feel, but also highly appreciate the story behind using sustainable and durable construction materials made from plastic waste.

On top of this your deck from recycled plastic waste will be very robust and durable: it lasts 30, 40, 50+ years and a simple rainshower will clean it. No maintenance, no replacement, low cost.

You will not only help fighting the plastic waste problem by using planks & poles from recycled plastic waste, you will also help your own business in creating awareness for the environment and the future of our planet as well as to attract more people who find our environment important and your story compelling.

Every piece of recycled plastic waste in your boardwalk or pool-area, has not ended up in an incinerator, landfill, river or ocean. So your hotel or resort helps to keep our world cleaner and greener. Your customers will appreciate.